Wednesday 23 January 2019

Sending an email via SMTP server on windows server 2012 using Telnet

Before deploying into a production environment, where your deployment involves sending email via an SMTP relay, it is necessary to test the connection to the server where sometimes you are unable to perform a test via the solution that has been developed.  In this case you can use telnet on the server to send the email.  Follow the steps below to send the email via your SMTP server.

1.       First connect to the SMTP server using the steps set out in the following document.

2.       Next set the FROM mail address by typing the following :-


Replace [] with the email address you want to send the test email from.

Then press ENTER

3.       Next set the Recipient of the test email by typing the following :-


Replace [] with the email address you want to receive the test email.

Then press ENTER

4.       Next type the word DATA and press ENTER

5.       Type the content of your email, and when you have finished press ENTER


6.       Then type “.” And press ENTER

Successful transmission

Failed Transmission

7.       Then type QUIT

8.       In the result of a successful test (pictured above in step 6) check the recipients email address and they should have an email.


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    1. No problem David, happy it was of use to you